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Honest Watch and Cellular Reviews

Casio Baby G Vacancies REview

The Baby G ‘G-Shock’ watch is a fantastic smaller watch great for the female who enjoys all the benefits of the G-Shock line but in a smaller more attractive package.

It’s pink charm and Vacancies Puppy on the dial add to its unique appeal.  Being both a Digital and Analog quartz watch also makes it classy.

Watch the Video review for a complete understanding of the Casio Baby G!

LUM-TEC Bull45 A17 Video REview

The Lum-Tec Bull45 series is a square(ish) design which features a chronograph movement, save for one which houses a manual wind movement.  The watch is very heavy duty looking and grabs the eyes of onlookers almost immediately.  This particular one might not however…  With it’s almost all black appearance it is very stealthy and something you would see Batman wearing around on his wrist.  A dark gray dial with black numbers for just a

Stealth model

tad bit of contrast allows this watch to be read in daylight hours but not so much at night.  It does feature some lume on the dial and hands, enough for about 30 min in a dark room.  You wouldn’t expect this model to keep bright for hours on end or waking up at 5am to check the time.  Other Lum-Tec models are capable of that but not this one.  This model is specifically designed for the customer who likes darker watches and incorporates stealth.

Watch the video REview for an in depth look at the A17!

Motorola i680 Brute Video Review

The Motorola i680 Brute cell phone is one tough phone.

Watch us dunk it in water as we test this beast and find out just how water proof it is.

This cell phone can be purchased at our store HERE

It’s name is Brute for a reason. The phone features 810F Mil-Spec durability; that means it’s a rugged enough to withstand most of what you throw at it out in the field, including fair amounts of dust, shock, vibration, low and high temperatures, low pressure, solar radiation, salt fog, humidity, and blowing rain. Motorola also added a few bonus features, such as a 2-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth support, and aGPS.

Lum-Tec M39 Auto

This is a great and very unique watch with it’s awesome designed case and sharp angles.  The indices in this years model series have hand filled lume. This give the dial a somewhat sandwich appearance without actually being a sandwich dial.  It is unique in it’s own way and is different from the usual printed dials with 3D markings.



Enjoy the Video REView!

Lum-Tec M28 Tungsten Review

Lum-Tec went to an extreme with this watch.  Pushing the boundaries with case materials and movements, the Tungsten Carbide case is cool because it really cannot be scratched, at least not by most things you have around the house or office.  Even though Lum-Tec is not the first to offer a watch in Tungsten it does demonstrate their efforts in providing a different kind of watch.

The Movement is a great ETA power reserve with date complication and you don’t see many of those.  There is also a No Date version available for those who like a cleaner dial.  One of the draw backs with Tungsten is it’s hardness.  With increased hardness comes weakness…  The harder something becomes the more brittle as a result.  Thus care should be taken when removing a tungsten watch to not drop it.  Fingerprints are also more noticeable on tungsten than on stainless steel. But besides those two issues and the complexity of molding, tungsten makes a great metal for a watch case!
View our in-depth video review of the Lum-Tec M28 and see for yourself it this should be your next watch!