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Lum-Tec M28 Tungsten Review

Lum-Tec went to an extreme with this watch.  Pushing the boundaries with case materials and movements, the Tungsten Carbide case is cool because it really cannot be scratched, at least not by most things you have around the house or office.  Even though Lum-Tec is not the first to offer a watch in Tungsten it does demonstrate their efforts in providing a different kind of watch.

The Movement is a great ETA power reserve with date complication and you don’t see many of those.  There is also a No Date version available for those who like a cleaner dial.  One of the draw backs with Tungsten is it’s hardness.  With increased hardness comes weakness…  The harder something becomes the more brittle as a result.  Thus care should be taken when removing a tungsten watch to not drop it.  Fingerprints are also more noticeable on tungsten than on stainless steel. But besides those two issues and the complexity of molding, tungsten makes a great metal for a watch case!
View our in-depth video review of the Lum-Tec M28 and see for yourself it this should be your next watch!